There’s obviously been a lot of stuff happening that I haven’t posted about. But right now…there’s no one I really talk to so I thought I would post here. Are there other people out there who virtually never talk to people? I mean, I don’t work outside the home and my kids are both little. Chris helped a friend reroof his house all weekend so I didn’t see him til night. I guess Friday night everyone that was helping went out to eat. I still don’t feel like I talked to anyone much. I really don’t talk to anyone outside my home other than a casual hello to preschool teachers when I drop Clark off or to the grocery store check out people. But I really don’t TALK to anyone. Does everyone else talk to people every day? To friends? To parents? Am I the odd one out? I just rarely have anything good to say. Even when I try to talk to people, they don’t talk back much. I’m sure there’s no one who even reads this so I’m kind of just venting to myself. The whole texting world doesn’t help either. Since people can text whatever one thing they need to say, it seems easier than calling. I have a terrible habit of doing that and then quickly reading the answer text and not texting a response. I certainly mean to but usually forget. Another reason I have about zero convos. One text doesn’t equal a convo! Maybe I should get rid of text all together….forcing myself to call people and other people call me.

Alright end of rant.

Our life in pictures


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Fall in a small country town:





There’s tons more but I haven’t gotten pics of them all. Pretty cute! They have scenes outside of every business. CvS actually has the prettiest. I’ll get ya a pic later :)

Crazy Blake walking around with a bucket on her head and bumping into things an hysterically laughing.


Dinner trip to Shiloh, TN in the national battlefield park….place.

















Vacation dreams!


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I’ve been many places and on many vacations. We recently went to the smokey mountains, and I tell you it was amazing! It was labor day weekend and the perfect temperature outside to not sweat and not freeze. It was beautiful and perfect in every way. The whole trip was so easy going. No stress. No schedules. Usually no schedules here means not getting to do half the stuff you want…but not this time! We went through Cades Coves, which was amazingly beautiful! We saw old churches and cabins and mills and farms and barns! Watched a horse turn corn into sorghum :)


We stopped at all the sites along the way that I wanted to see :)





It was so peaceful and beautiful there. We drove with the windows down. We saw 7 bears…some up close just 30ft away! Some climbing trees. Some running through fields with their mamas and brothers and sisters.



Boy did I LOVE not cooking for 4 days!! Mellow mushroom was actually good…they have a Greek chicken pizza with feta cheese olives red onions etc. they give you feta dressing to dip it in. If you have ever eaten at keifers in Jackson then you’d appreciate it ;)






our friends own a condo there we stayed in that. It was huge(our rooms) and had pools, a lazy river, slides inside AND out and splash pads and all kinds of pool toys. Heated too :) Clark and Chris must have gone down the slides 100 times and Blake and I quite enjoyed the lazy river outside!








We did putput of course. This one was neat it had a train you got on and it took you to the top where the first hole was and you worked your way down.





We saw a lot of sites around that we’re very interesting!



We went hiking up to laurel falls as well…might I add that you should never wear backless Chaco sandals…mmmmm….ever. I went barefoot for half the hike :/ but really beautiful!













My most favorite part of the trip was my shopping trip to Christmas village. They sell only Christmas decorations and items and it was AWESOME. Anyone seen I’ll be home for Christmas with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Beale? It was like eidlebrooke village only shopping instead of a hotel! I picked up starbucks Carmel macchiato and coffee cake On the way for breakfast :) yum! If you don’t know…I live quite far from ANY coffee house so that was a treat!



Matilda Jane


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Holy cow!! Have you seen or heard of Matilda Jane clothing? Mostly for little girls…I just now found out about it when I was invited to a trunk show. I looked them up online so see what kind of stuff they had. Wow! Fell in love!! So stinking cute!! Most of the stuff I liked didn’t come in Blake’s tiny size :/ and it costs about $70 for one dress!! Daaaang! But look how cute!!


So I decided I could make my own :) my miL bought me some fabric from Thread in tuscumbia, and it’s just been sitting here waiting on a super special project(bc it’s so cute and a little more expensive than other fabric). I finally got the guts up to cut into it…and here’s my finished product. Like it? Hate it? Think it’s weird? :) would love to hear from you! There were a few things I wished I’d done differently but I hate ripping seams! So this will do.


With matching bloomers


Founders day. Too bad we missed the fiddle and buck dancing contest!


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Last weekend was founders day festival down here. We have never been, but Chris heard they had an amazing mouthwatering steak sandwich that couldn’t be missed….so he sent us to fetch him one. Or two. He had pulled a muscle in his neck and shoulders so he was laid up at home.

It ended up being way cooler than I thought it would be. Think sweet home Alabama movie style festival. Complete with a fiddling contest and buck dancing contest. I’ve never even heard of that! Had to you tube it lol. Not sure if that link will work. But it was a pretty cute little festival. They had a car and tractor line up. Clark liked seeing the old weird looking cars and the cool cars like Bumblebee of course and big monster truck looking things.




We bought tickets and rode all the rides! Why not? What else are you going to do on a Saturday?!



We got ice cream and rode the Thomas train too! Complete with “oh she came Alabama with a banjo on her knee” music :)




Clark also wanted his face painted…like spiderman


And to ride the slide!


They had cute fall stuff for sale!



Then couldn’t pass up the museum! It was really neat.





Don’t worry…I didn’t forget the steak sandwiches :)

Menu plan Monday


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I love hearing ideas for menus for the week! A little planning ahead can make life easier, especially with a 5!!! Year old and a 1 year old who is in to everything. Yes, Clark turned 5 last week! He also started preschool last week! He goes monday Wednesday and Friday. He loves it, luckily. I’m sure he is glad to be making friends other than me :) but Blake sure does miss him while he is gone and gets super excited when we pick him back up. She isn’t use to being alone and not having anyone to play with/bug her at home.









Anyways, back to cooking :) the plan sounds good…but is always subject to change last minute ha. And I must say that homemade dressing is so easy to make and you probably already have everything on hand, so why not save some money and make something tasty? I have even found a recipe for ranch that tastes just the same as the packet in the store.

Snacks: carrots, broccoli and homemade ranch dip; bananas, apples and peanut butter

Lunches: homemade calzones, frozen burritos, homemade turkey and cheese pockets, hot dogs, pb&j

Sunday: made lasagna and easy tiramisu (cooked double the amount of ground beef to freeze for a later dinner)

Monday: baked chicken and rice

Tuesday: leftover baked chicken shredded and made into Alice springs chicken quesadillas (cheddar, chicken, sautéed mushrooms and bacon crumbled) with homemade honey mustard dipping sauce like outbacks too. Maybe tortilla chips and Texas caviar.

Wednesday: spring salad mix with homemade Italian dressing; beef stroganoff with the frozen extra ground beef from lasagna :) easy!

Thursday: marinated grilled chicken on a stick(marinated in homemade Italian dressing+dales or Worcestershire sauce) with Cajun grilled squash and onions

Friday: grilled steak with pineapple, baked Mac and cheese

Saturday: leftover grilled steak and onion sandwiches. Monkey bread for dessert mmmm :)

Sunday: pot roast with potatoes carrots onion and green beans

What are your cooking plans this week? Share! I would love to hear from you!

Sew Awesome


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I have been on a sewing roll lately. I have made Blake and Clark numerous pairs of flannel and fleece pajama pants. 1. I don’t live near any stores and 2. Selection for pjs is limited if I do happen by a store once in a blue moon.


I have also been working on Halloween stuff like napkins and pants :P



I love pants bc I don’t need a pattern…just another pair of pants to trace around. I need to make a matching shirt to go with those Halloween pants!

Sew anyways :) there is a group on Facebook called WAHMs(work at home moms) where you can buy or sell handmade baby or “green” products like cloth diapers or unpaper towels or just soaps or baby dresses! Someone posted they were in search of nursing pads(for leaky milk). I happened to have all the components to make some and tons of it…so I responded that could make her some! Three pairs later…I HAVE MADE MY FIRST SALE! (that made money anyways…I made a fitted cloth diaper and donated it to someone for the price of shipping) but I’m just so excited! They didn’t turn out fabulously (I need a serger!! And to invest in some spray glue) but they will do.


where oh where have i been?

i feel like i have been out of loop with everything. ive *tried* to stay off the internet and spend more paying attention time w the kids. we went camping(RVing really) over the weekend in our camper. ill post pics later. chris redid alot of it. it was a nice reprieve from chris constantly staying busy working, even on weekends and week nights. we actually got to sit together, take walks, take clark to the playground and sit and watch him play w other kids. he also made friends with our camping neighbor kids and played with them a good bit. the campgrounds played Charlottes Web(the one w dakota fanning) in the ampitheater saturday night. i love outdoor movies!! especially free ones :) clark got to sit w his new friends. gota remember to bring popcorn next time!

speaking of new friends, clark is now playing baseball! chris is one of the coaches too. this week we have 4 games! so that keeps us pretty busy! games are usually at 6, putting us there at 5:30. eating at 4:30 would be way too early, so i dont get to start dinner til 730 or 8. so nights are much later for us now. his teams age range is 4-6 i think. half of them dont know whats going on! theyll lay on the ground and do snow angels while theyre in the outfield or stare up at the sky while kids run the bases past them. some of them have to be told 5 or 10 times to RUN to first base. and you KNOW its a fight for the ball if anyone hits it in the field. most hits dont make it past the pitcher(chris btw). once they do catch the ball, they want to hold onto it and not throw it to first or anyone else. but thats ok! they r just kids! entertaining ones! clark has his first uniform and matching hat. he hates having to tuck his shirt in, and he looks retarded with his long hair sticking out over his ears when he wears the hat. he wont let me cut his hair off though. he LOVES his baseball though. he LIVES for it! for sure!

blake and i go to every game :) shes a wiggle worm though! tough to hold while he plays, but if i sit her down she crawls around and eats grass and rocks. she is 9 months now! hasnt had a check up lately, but she started crawling back in january, started standing holding on in february, and is just in the last couple of days started trying to stand on her owm. she doesnt quite have the hang of it yet, but she tries. she has also started having an attachment to a baby doll/stuffed thing my mom gave her a while back. its all of the sudden too. and all the time. she crawls around with it in one hand. i took it from her today while she was in her high chair and she threw a fit! clark never had anything like that, and she hasnt until now.

oh man, i forgot the friday the 13th stories. man…so i spent the whole day getting the camper ready to go. we were kinda in a hurry to get out there before dark(which we didnt), so while chris was pulling the camper out of the driveway, another car was coming and he was blocking the road, so he was really in a hurry…and scraped the camper against the gate. tore a little molding off the back of the camper, and totally bent the gate up. the hitch of the camper bottomed out on the asphalt and literally tore a hole in it(the asphalt) and started to peel it off the ground. ive never seen anything like it. so chris is all sweaty by the time we get out there…didnt make it in the daylight.. and he wants to take a shower. i forgot soap and shampoo! so he ends up using dish soap. oops. he wears steel toe boots to work, and i forgot to pack his tennis shoes. oops again! luckily i did pack a pair of his flip flops so he doesnt have to wear big clunky boots w shorts to camp all weekend :) but they break. he wears them to the showers anyways. (plumbing inthe camper wasnt hooked up yet at this point) so after that he opens up the back of his truck to get the big cooler out. his tailgate literally falls on the ground. he was pretty mad up until that point. “i give up. im going home” we had been there all of 20 mins. i walked out of the camper and he was just standing there staring at his tailgate on the ground. i couldnt help but laugh hysterically! friday the 13th…you got us! multiple times…and good! luckily it was almost the 14th and the rest of the weekend was great. oh yeah, and earlier that day i found a freaking goat in my car.

30? and bacon wrapped green beans mmmm

so for christophers birthday, he got a new for wheeler. traded. ya know, if i could barter for everything we ever got, i would! wouldn’t that be an awesome way to live. hardly ever spend money, just trade for stuff you don’t want anymore? love it! thatd also help clear up some of the clutter!

so its not his actual birth day yet, and i havent even thought much about what to do. its usually not much other than dinner. he is edging near 30! 28 this year i think. im watching king of queens and its an episode where carry is turning…30? maybe? i missed that part. but she is freaking out over how old she is getting. i wonder if when i turn 30, i will freak out…or if it will just be a nice change of pace from people thinking i look 16…with 2 kids. when you were little, could you picture yourself as an adult? i couldnt. i couldnt imagine being 16 and driving, or 18 and in college, or 21 and legally able to drink. since i couldnt picture it, i just figured i die before i got there. although, i didnt picture either that id be 25 and people still asking me if im old enough to sit in the exit row (15 and up can sit in the exit row!!!) a politician came to my house one time(when i was 23 i think), and i was in the backyard with clark. she started to give her schpeal when she stopped suddenly and said, “oh nevermind! you arent even old enough to vote!” uhhh…BEEN old enough to vote, and that surely aint gona get my vote!!! ….people. and im not trying to be rude to others, but know one can say they would love it unless theyve been there. no one loves looking 16 and people thinking your husband is your dad…or that apparently you had kids at age 12. (yes our neighbors asked when we first moved here, if i was christophers daughter. i may have been a good 20 ft away, but still!)

enough of my rants! we have a tiny baby calf as of yesterday! and im sure we have a few more about to be here soon by the looks of some of the mommas. we had two baby goats a few weeks back as well. they are still tiny and cute. sue and bell are their names. they are both gray. blake loves to go to the barns and just watch the animals. she also loves to play with clarks cars and any ball. so she may be a tom boy :/ man i just love that she gets the biggest smile on her face just from me turning to look at her. she is the biggest sweetheart on earth! she kept patting chris on the back today while on the four wheeler to get him to turn and look at her…then she would just give him the biggest, open mouth smile. loves her daddy!

oh, saw a pic on fb a friend posted…which is so totally true! something like, “if i have to pass a urine test to pay for welfare, then they should also have to pass a urine test to receive it.” although, it was said much better than that.

now for something worth reading :)

if you havent tried bacon wrapped green beans…you should!! my friends mom used to make these everytime we went to the beach, along with potato chip chicken(which you should also try if you havent!)

1 can of whole bean green beans
1/2 cup of italian dressing
1/2 pack of bacon, each slice cut in half

soak the green beans in dressing for a little bit, maybe 30 mins, or overnight if you want. then just wrap about 7 green beans in half a slice of bacon. secure with a toothpick and bake at 400 until the bacon is done to your likeness. i like them crispy, so i think i cooked mine for 15-20 mins maybe? i also use parchment to keep them from sticking bc ive had that problem before..,even though its bacon and loaded with grease.

*potato chip chicken is just chicken breasts dredged in mayo(i actually use spicy mustard bc it gives more flavor dimension) and then dredged in plain chip crumbs and baked til done, uncovered of course.

boot scootin boogie


blake and mimi

ok, so not exactly boot scootin..more like belly scootin. but blake has become mobile! she has learned to army crawl…which i was not expecting til 9 months. (she is 6.5 months) she was rolling anywhere she wanted to go. i would lay her on one side of the living room floor to play with her toys, leave the room for a minute and she would be on the complete opposite side of the room playing w things shes not suppose to, of course. side note: ya know, its really hard to get a 4 yr old to stop leaving pennies and other small choking hazards on the floor all over the house!

so anyways, a few weeks ago she started trying to lift her booty off the floor and crawl. well i guess she figured out she could move just using her arms, especially when there is something she really wants just out of her reach. i laid her in the hallway tonight while i was in the bathroom flossing and she crawled all the way to me and tapped my foot over and over until i picked her up. yesterday i sat her on the living room floor, while i went and sat on the couch, and she crawled right to my foot and did the same thing til i picked her up. i foresee this as a problem! now i will never get any house work done! that’ll be my excuse right? you know my motto: a clean house is the sign of a wasted life. :D i definately did not inherit my moms OCD gene. (i’m sure chris wishes i did tho.)

oh yeah, blake finally cut two teeth. on the bottom. she wasnt too upset tho. she got a diaper rash, a fever, and wouldn’t nap for about a week unless i was holding her. but she slept fine at night and didnt fuss during the day. still exclusively nursing..i hear that helps with the pain. doesnt always feel too good for me tho!


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